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Bless! has been a successful music writer for most of his life and has provided his artistic expertise to a variety of artist in the U.S. and Europe. Along with his personal success through Canadian and Japanese radio, his compositions have been used in CNN segments as well as on internet radio programs. 

Despite his success, Bless! continues to have a love for his community and participates in volunteer and mentoring programs.

Many of his performances have been to support worthy causes, such as breast cancer awareness, Stop the Violence Movement and Princess Pearls a young girls mentorship program.

Bless! will soon release his third album, “Streets & Scripture.” His hope is that it will help create positive change in the lives of his audience.

“Can't Rap About Jesus ” expresses the pain an hip hop artist experience on his journey trying to make it in the business. This song shines just a little light on behind the scenes and the messages that are told through song. Shows how God and Love have been removed from everything. It sends a strong message of the lack of balance in music.

Bless! plans to complete his third album and establish a community mentorship program called “ReachBack.” His vision includes serving teen boys providing training designed to groom boys to be men and assisting them in the areas of male parenting, healthy relationships, as well as personal finance.




Unstable Resident


2nd Time Out: America's Nightmare


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Bless! feat. Los Vegaz



Can't Rap About Jesus



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