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Trailers for Authors

Looking for other ways to promote your masterpiece? We have re-designed the way books are. With the daily advancement of social media, authors now have the tools to compete visually as other industries. AMLLC presents "Trailers for Authors", movie trailers to market your book with an edge. So when your book is read the visual will still be with the reader.

Why A Trailer?

Trailers are created to engage potential readers with the same emotional anticipation as if they were waiting on a movie release. The trailer also gives the potential reader an opportunity to experience what the author has written visually before reading the book.


We use visual marketing tools to help engage your target audience.

For our monthly clients, we build marketing campaigns around the book using the trailer along with other marketing tools to grab the attention of your target audience. 


Meet Lakesia Tyson

The author of the book is entitled 'A Mother's Prayer'. We created a trailer built around her market demographics. The book explains how she overcame the battle with her son's diagnosis and help mothers with the same battle. Mothers with children who have difficult diagnoses face many challenges. Ms. Tyson provided them with the help needed to stand up to the challenges. 

A Mother's Prayer by Lakesia Tyson
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