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WaKe bAkE

And CoFFee

Morning Show

The Wake Bake and Coffee Morning Show is a show strives on bringing the truth to light. To give a glimpse that captivates real life issues through scripture. It's packed with humor, charisma, realness and the belief on encouraging and helping it's follow man and woman.


This is where old school meets and challenges the new school. This is where you're taught to ask questions and converse outside the box. Not be afraid to find the truth. Nor afraid to agree to disagree. 

Here at the WBCMS we encourage the acceptance of difference beyond our control. Yet give the viewing audience the opportunity to voice THEIR thoughts and beliefs on all subject matters, via comments or phone. Through this two way dialog, gain understanding and give teaching on the balance of carnal and spiritual via current events. 

We're the ONLY radio show that plays visual ads and artist of all genre music videos.

Most importantly we believe in Jesus Christ, despite what you might hear. 


Gov & Mama Quita​​​​​​​



Come watch us live every

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

10 AM to 12 PM

Business Advertising

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Come advertise your business on the Wake Bake and Coffee Morning Show

Artist Submission

Independent Artist looking for a platform to played and help grow your fan base? Look no further, get your song played on the Wake Bake and Coffee Morning Show

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