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 (Book). For more than 15 years, The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing has been the definitive guide to music publishing. Music publishing is one of the most complex parts of the music business, and yet it can be the most lucrative area of income for musicians. This book, written by expert and industry veteran Randall Wixen presents a clear, concise approach on how music publishing works today. It breaks down complex information in a readable and humorous manner that is detailed enough for professionals and approachable enough for budding songwriters. In this 4th edition, the most substantially revised edition since the first, Wixen delves deeper into streaming issues, the passage and effects of the Music Modernization Act, and recent Copyright Royalty Board rulings. Topics covered include everything from mechanical, performing, and synch rights to sub-publishing, foreign rights, copyright basics, types of publishing deals, advice on representation, and more. Get a view from the top, in plain English. "This 200-pager is what I consider to be the best book on publishing. Randall lays out some advice and opinions that you wouldn't normally find in a music business text. There are numerous other books on publishing that may be larger and so, you would think, contain more information. Nope. I've read them. This is the only one you'll need." Music Connection "Singer-Songwriter Sequestering Suggestions" by Larry Butler.  

The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing - 4th Edition, by Randall D. Wixen

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