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Brand: MAONO
Compatible Devices: Laptop, Headphone, Guitar, Bass, Microphone, Smartphone
Supported Software: (function(f) {var _np=(window.P._namespace("DetailPageProductOverviewTemplatesJava"));if(_np.guardFatal){_np.guardFatal(f)(_np);}else{f(_np);}}(function(P) { P.when('A').execute(function(A){ A.on('a:truncate:po-attribute-truncate-2:updated', function(data) { var isTruncated = !data.truncateInstance.getIfTextFits(); var seeMoreElement = document.getElementById('po-attribute-see-more-id-2'); if(seeMoreElement) { = isTruncated ? '' : 'none'; } }) });})); Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, studio one, logic pro , nuendo, reaper, Audacity, Adobe AuditionAvid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, studio one, logic pro , nuendo, reaper, Audacity, Adobe Audition See more
Connectivity Technology: AUX, USB, XLR
Frequency Response: 20 KHz

[Exceptional Sound Performance]: Immerse yourself in high-quality audio with a PS22 audio interface. With a high sampling rate of 24bit/192kHz, it ensures precise sound reproduction, low distortion, and minimal latency. Elevate your recording experience with studio-quality sound.
[Premium Mic Preamps]: Up to 60dB of gain range. Capture exquisite detail and warmth using the high-end preamp design. Whether you're using a highly sensitive condenser microphone or a dynamic microphone known for its low sensitivity, PS22 USB audio interfaces have it all. Unlock the full potential of your audio gear and capture every musical nuance.
[Get the perfect guitar and vocal take]: Want to sing with a friend or perform while playing guitar? The PS22 audio interface for recording music features dual inputs, allowing for simultaneous recording or live performances. Additionally, it includes two high-impedance instrument inputs, perfect for guitarists seeking seamless integration.
[Multi-Channel Input/Output]: PS22 audio interface for PC features 2 input and 2 output ports, with the capability to expand to an additional 6 virtual channels through the MAONO ProStudio routing software. This innovative design sets a new standard in the XLR audio interface market, offering unparalleled convenience for your multi-channel mixing and live streaming needs.
[Enhanced Connectivity]: Designed for convenience, the PS22 XLR interface features dual USB-C ports, ensuring compatibility with various devices including smartphones, computers, and tablets. Connect and record effortlessly, wherever you go.
[Powerful User-Friendly Design]: The PS22 interface is designed with user convenience in mind from the start, featuring a specially designed monitor mix for easier recording. The power switch allows for one-touch operation to protect your computer from harm. With ASIO drivers and routing software, enjoy minimal latency and seamless integration with popular recording software like Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Steinberg Cubase. Stay in sync with your creativity and achieve professional results.
[Package List]: 1*PS22 Audio Interface, 1* USB A-USB C Cable,1* USB C-USB C Cable, 1* User manual. We provide a 12-month warranty. For a better user experience, please download more instructions and read the user manual before setting up. Note: Prostudio driver must be downloaded in the Windows system for normal use.

MAONO USB Audio interface for PC with 60 dB Pro-preamp, 24bit/192kHz, Dual USB

SKU: B0CS3K2S7Xe4t6gfdsdef
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