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  • 【Excellent noise reduction】Triple Sound Insulation,foldable Microphone Isolation with reflective layer+filter layer+absorbing layer.the high-density acoustic foam that eliminates audio wave bounces back and interference effectively.The reflection area and the absorption area reduce noise from external environments,works well to reduce ambient sound.
  • 【Durable& Flexibility】Mic stand with isolation shield Constructed out of premium steel to ensure sturdiness, and long lasting performance.The support points of the acoustic panel are of the non-slip design, and the screw parts are made of premium steel.The back panel is made of strong and durable metal material, makes this mic shield a good choice for use both at home and out in the field.The flame-retardant sound insulation material also makes you feel more at ease when using
  • 【Safety & Adjustable】Microphone isolation shield is equipped with a heavy-duty tripod, so there is no need to worry about the risk of unstable center of gravity and tipping over with a light touch.The stand can use it on a desk or mount it to a boom through the adjuster at any height to accommodate sitting or standing positions, could be adjusted quickly, conveniently and safely.Suitable for daily work, personal creation, recording studio,radio station
  • 【Easy to Installation】Only take minutes to unfold this recording studio equipment, The 5 folding microphone shield panels are adjustable at 180°adjust the angle,and the included screw adapter makes it easy for you to adjust the tightness. The studio mic stand can be fixed on a desk or tabletop, and also can be mounted to a microphone stand.
  • 【Intimate Details】There is an adjuster behind the microphone isolation shield studio microphone music recording, which can easily adjust the microphone isolation shield to the position you need. Our accessories also prepare a pop filter for you to make your voice sound clearer,a 3/8" to 5/8"adapters that makes it suitable for the majority of the microphone,a storage tray allows you to place things like external sound cards or mobile phones
  • [Tips after optimization] The microphone stand tube has been upgraded again. The package you received is different from the picture. Don’t worry. Both stand tubes are made of high-quality steel. The screws of the upgraded stand tube can be removed.

Dmsky Microphone Isolation Shield with Pop Filter & Tripod Stand, Foldable Mic

SKU: B0BDRLM83Fe4t6gfdsdef
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