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  • 🎤 ALL-IN-ONE MICROPHONE ISOLATION BOOTH: Designed to meet the needs of vocalists, voice-over artists, podcasters, and audiobook narrators, the Comet v2 is the perfect solution for creating high-quality recordings. The comprehensive package includes everything you need to kickstart your recording journey. Compatible with a wide selection of vocal microphones up to 65mm in size, this all-in-one booth ensures convenience and versatility for capturing your voice with exceptional clarity.
  • 🔇 PREMIUM SOUND ISOLATION: The Comet v2 features exceptional sound isolation properties, effectively minimizing background noise, echoes, and reflections. This results in clean, clear recordings with enhanced vocal clarity, ensuring your voice takes center stage without any unwanted distractions.
  • 🔴 DUAL-LAYER POP FILTER: Included in the package is a Retro Red dual-layer pop filter. This specially designed filter effectively eliminates harsh vocal frequencies and unwanted bursts of air, resulting in clean and clear recordings. Say goodbye to plosive sounds and enjoy professional-quality audio.
  • 🚀 PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The Comet v2 is designed to be portable and lightweight, weighing only 6oz. With its compact dimensions of approximately 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches, it's incredibly easy to carry and transport. Whether you're recording in a studio, traveling to different locations, or setting up a makeshift recording space, the Comet offers convenient portability without compromising on performance.
  • 🔧 SIMPLE & EASY SETUP: Setting up the Comet v2 is a breeze. Simply insert your recording microphone into the entry point located at the bottom of the booth for a safe and secure fit. Rest assured, detailed instructions are included in the package to guide you through the setup process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Get ready to unleash your creativity without any technical difficulties.

Comet Recording Vocal Studio Isolation Booth | Microphone Pop Filter Shield Acc

SKU: B09Q2WBHYDe4t6gfdsdef
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